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Knitted Wrist PVC Gloves
Knitted wrist PVC gloves are suitable for general labor protection because of their characteristics suitable for chemical, mechanical, electroplating, painting, and aquaculture processing, and within the scope of performance and water use.
PVC EN388 Safety Gloves
Pvc EN388 safety gloves are also commonly known as blue oil resistant gloves on the market, which are blue matte face dip gloves. It is used for oily or slightly corrosive substances and is suitable for work with high tactile requirements.
PVC Coated Protective Gloves
PVC coated protective gloves are evenly translucent, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, no odor, no toxic side effects on the human body, and environmentally friendly. PVC coated protective gloves are resistant to abrasion and cutting.
PVC Dipped Waterproof Gloves
PVC dipped waterproof gloves are suitable for the automotive industry, battery manufacturing, FRP industry, aircraft assembly, aerospace, environmental cleaning and cleaning, mechanical processing, mining.
PVC Oil Resistant Gloves
PVC oil resistant gloves are rubber gloves with acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and cold resistance. Adapt to mechanical manufacturing, electric welding maintenance, road construction, mining, construction eng
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